Mammals have hair, warm blood, give birth to live young (generally!) and the offspring drink milk.

Ranger Stu brings 2-4 mammals along to events!

These may include...

  • Striped Skunk

  • Lesser hedgehog tenrec

  • Three banded armadillo

  • Chinchillas


Reptiles have dry scaly skin, are cold blooded and lay their eggs on land (generally!)

Ranger Stu brings 2-3 reptiles along to events!

These may include...

  • Boa constrictor

  • Royal Python

  • Bearded dragon

  • Rankins dragon

  • Pancake tortoise

  • Hermann's tortoise


Birds have feathers, warm blood and lay hard shelled eggs.

Ranger Stu bring along either a...

  • White faced owl

  • Barn owl



Every single Invertebrate has only two things in common, they do not have a back bone (Vertebrae) and are cold blooded.

Ranger Stu brings 1-3 invertebrates along to events...

These may include...

  • Chilean rose tarantula

  • Tricoloured burrowing scorpion

  • Laos Forest scorpion

  • Giant land snail

  • Giant millipede

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