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Ranger Stu's Virtual Zoo!

So the moment has come when U.K. schools have been asked to close. If you are like me you will be thinking how do I keep my children entertained AND educated?

Have no fear Ranger Stu is here!

The name of this new project is Ranger Stu’s Virtual Zoo!

There are some brilliant resources online such as Twinkl ( and I will be using some of their resources for my future animal activities that I have planned.

Every Monday I will be posting a new blog with the weeks theme, you can choose your activity and you have the week to complete it!

You can send me your completed activity sheets via Facebook or Instagram by tagging them with #rangerstu or you can also send them to me directly.

I can then share all your wonderful work, drawings and ideas!

Here are the themes for the next two months!

23rd - 27th March - Rainforests

30th March - 3rd April - Mini Beasts

6th - 10th April - Habitats

13th-17th April - Classification

20th - 24th April - Dinosaurs

27th April - 1st May - Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores

Throughout the week I will also be sharing live animal videos, birthday shout outs and backstage videos of the zoo! Keep up to date by following my Facebook - Instagram -

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