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The Handy Guide to Ranger Stu's Virtual Zoo Blogs!


As we have now entered lockdown 3.0 my Ranger Stu's Virtual Zoo Blogs have become popular once again.

I'm glad they are a fun and educational resource to help teachers with lesson planning and parents and guardians with home education. So as they have become popular once more I thought I would put together this handy guide for finding the topic that you are looking for!

Check out the links below!

Week 1 - Rainforests - Link Here

Learn about that curriculum staple, the rainforest.

We create Rain Shakers for EYSF and draw a rainforest poster for key stage 1 and 2.

Here is the related YouTube Video - Rainforests

Week 2 - Minibeasts - Link Here

We discover more about minibeasts and what a minibeast actually is.

We create Egg Box animals for EYFS and go on a minibeast hunt for key stage 1 and 2.

Here is the related YouTube Video - Minibeasts

Week 3 - Eggs! - Link Here

This was a random addition thanks to Easter 2020! Learn about which animals lay eggs.

We had a combined EYFS and key stage 1 and 2 task where we played "Who's Eggs Who's?"

Here is the related YouTube Video - Eggs!

Week 4 - Habitats - Link Here

Another curriculum staple, we learn about habitats!

We create habitat boxes for EYFS and Key stage 1 and 2 have to match an animal to its habitat!

Here is the related YouTube Video - Habitats

Week 5 - Classification- Link Here

We discover how animals are put into different groups because they share similarities with each other.

EYFS learn how to classify their toys and key stage 1 and 2 use some Twinkl articles to learn more about classification including a slightly trickier task using flowcharts.

Here is the related YouTube Video - Classification

Week 6 - Dinosaurs - Link Here

Who doesn't love dinosaurs??? We learn some incredible facts about dinosaurs including the fact that... yes, dinosaurs still exist today!

We have a fun create a dinosaur skeleton task for EYFS and for key stage 1 and 2 we changed it up a little bit and added a dinosaur themed maths task!

Here is the related YouTube Video - Dinosaurs

Week 7 - Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores - Link Here

Another favourite for schools! We find out what a carnivore, omnivore and herbivore eat and how they are adapted to finding food!

EYSF choose one of my animals and draw a picture of its food and key stage 1 and 2 learn all about food chains!

Here is the related YouTube Video - Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores

Week 8 - Endangered Species - Link Here

We find out what being endangered means!

We have one of my favourite EYFS tasks of Ranger Stu's Virtual Zoo, creating safari binoculars out of toilet rolls! Key stage 1 and 2 had a bit of research project and needed to create a poster on an endangered species.

Here is the related YouTube Video - Endangered Species

Week 9 - Farm Animals - Link Here

This was a suggestion from a fan of Ranger Stu's Virtual Zoo!

For EYFS we created cone characters and Key stage 1 and 2 found out where our food comes from using some Twinkl activity sheets. In the video we also play the delightful game of "Who's Poo?"

Here is the related YouTube Video - Farm Animals

Week 10 - Sea Creatures- Link Here

We learn about the species found in our oceans and also find out about some very strange sea creatures in the video.

For EYFS we created a coral reef out of various items you can find at home and for Key stage 1 and 2 we revisited some maths in the form of combining code breaking and sea creatures!

Here is the related YouTube Video - Sea Creatures

Week 11 - Prehistoric Animals - Link Here

Another fan suggestion! We find out about 3 unusual prehistoric creatures.

For EYFS we drew a prehistoric picture for Key stage 1 and 2 we created a fact file on prehistoric animals!

Here is the related YouTube Video - Prehistoric Animals

Week 12 - Paws and Claws - Link Here

We discover 3 really strange ways that animals use their feet such as extra ears, defiying gravity and as venom glands!

We combined EYFS and key stage 1 and 2 to create one of my favourite tasks... animal tracking.

Here is the related YouTube Video - Paws and Claws

Week 13 - What Zoos Do - Link Here

For my last Lockdown blog we learn about the three main components of modern zoos, Conservation, Education and Research!

For EYFS we had great fun making Hand Print Animals and for key stage 1 and 2 their task was to choose a species that has been saved from extinction by zoos and create a conservation poster!

Here is the related YouTube Video - What Zoo's Do

If you would like to share pictures of your activities from any of the above topics then you can do so to my Facebook and Instagram or you can post them in the comments section below.

Enjoy, take care and stay safe.

Ranger Stu

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