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Ranger Stu's Virtual Zoo - Week 8 - Endangered Species!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Its Week 8 of Ranger Stu's Virtual Zoo.

Those that have been watching my live streams and YouTube videos will know that week 7 was supposed to be the last week of Ranger Stu's Virtual Zoo but as lockdown has continued we needed more topics!

I asked you all to send in your ideas for the next 6 weeks and you kindly sent me lots of messages!

So here are the themes for the next 5 weeks!

11th - 15th May - Endangered Species

18th - 22nd May- Farm Animals

25th - 29th May- Sea Creatures

1st - 5th June - Prehistoric Animals

8th - 12th June - Paws and Claws

15th - 19th June - What Zoo's Do

As usual on Wednesday I will be posting a video on my YouTube channel (subscribe here!). We will meet some endangered species from Cedars Nature Centre and learn about some of the rarest animals on this planet!

What does being endangered mean?

When we call an animal endangered it means that they are at risk of becoming extinct. Once an animal is extinct it means that there are none left anywhere on earth!

By the time an animal is endangered it means that its numbers are very low compared to when they were first discovered.

Sadly, some animals like the dodo became extinct very quickly. Dodo's were only discovered in 1598 but were hunted to extinction less that 70 years later!

Today there are 17,000+ species who are threatened with extinction from tiny plants up to giant whales!

Thankfully many endangered animals are protected by national and international laws. But sadly many are still being hunted for their skin ,meat or horns, taken from the wild for the pet trade and having their habitats destroyed or polluted.

Luckily many zoos and conservationists around the world help to save endangered species by protecting their habitat, breeding and releasing them into the wild, raising millions of pounds to pay for rangers, researchers and their equipment and by educating millions of people each year!

Here are your weekly tasks!

EYFS - Safari Binoculars

What is one of the most useful tools a conservationist could use when searching for endangered species? Binoculars of course!

We are going to be creating some safari binoculars!

Its super simple and fun to create, all you need is...

2 x toilet roll tubes




Firstly decorate each toilet roll tube. You could colour them in a leopard or zebra pattern or draw some endangered animals on them.

Then get an adult to punch one hole near the end of each tube (use scissors if you don't have a hole punch.) and tie your string to them.. This will be the strap for your binoculars.

After this, punch 2 more holes into each tube (one near each end) and thread the string through to tie each binocular together. See picture below.

Then sit back and see what you can spot!

We spotted pigeons in the garden! Yes, they are not endangered but hey we are in lockdown haha

Here is my youngest testing our binoculars out!

KS1 and KS2- Create a poster on an endangered species

Research an endangered species, why they are endangered, how many are left in the world and how we can save them. (My video on Wednesday will discuss some of these very rare animals if you need some help!)

Here is a brilliant part of the WWF website listing endangered species and facts about each one.

Once you have found out as much as you can about them its time to start your poster.

Tell the world about why these animals are great and why they need conserving!

Maybe draw a picture of the animal and tell us where they are found in the wild.

You can post pictures of your poster through my Facebook and Instagram or you can post them in the comments section below.

Enjoy, take care and stay safe.

Ranger Stu

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The great thing about Ranger Stu’s Virtual Zoo is that this can take place at any school or educational group within the U.K. or even the world!

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